Sangamon County Medical Society members and their staff may enroll in either the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier Plan or the DeltaCare DHMO Plan. Please review the summary of benefits on both plan options below.

PPO Plus Premier Plan

The PPO Plus Premier Plan gives you access to the largest network of dentists in the State of Illinois. You have the option to go to any dentist you want. The plan features benefits for services both in and out of network. If you visit an in-network dentist, you will receive a larger annual maximum benefit. Highlights of the PPO Plus Plan include: 

Click here to view the PPO Plus Premier Plan Summary.

How to find a PPO Dentist near you:


  1. Click here for the Delta Dental provider search.
  2. Enter your address or zip code, the results are shown by proximity to zip code and then by what Delta Dental networks the dentist participates in.
  3. Additional filters can be used to narrow your search. Please note: The PPO Plus Premier Plan plan allows you to use any dentist you wish, but you will receive the greatest benefit by using a dentist who participates in the PPO network.

PPO Plus Premier Plan Cost


  Annual Premium
Employee $691.74
Family $1,886.98


Enhanced Benefits Program


The Delta Dental PPO Plus plan includes a benefit called the Enhanced Benefit Program. This benefit provides additional coverage for members and dependents who have specific health conditions, including; diabetes, pregnancy, periodontal disease, kidney failure, high-risk cardiac conditions, suppressed immune systems, plus cancer-related chemotherapy or radiation treatment. If you have one of these qualifying conditions, you may enroll in the Enhanced Benefits Program. You will do this through the Member Connection portal on the Delta Dental website. There is no cost for this benefit! Please click here for instructions on how to enroll in the Enhanced Benefits Program.

DeltaCare DHMO Plan

Please note: the DeltaCare (DHMO) network has very limited selection in Sangamon County. Please follow the instructions below to search for a dentist. 

The DeltaCare DHMO plan is a great option for members seeking dental coverage with lower costs. Enrolled members select from a panel of primary care dentists, and enjoy minimal co-payments for basic and major services. You may change your dentist if you wish, but you must select another dentist from the DHMO network. Specialty care services will require a referral from your primary care dentist. Highlights of the DeltaCare DHMO include:

Please see the DeltaCare DHMO Plan co-payment schedule for more detailed information.

Please note: You must select a Primary Care Dentist in Illinois to participate in the DeltaCare DHMO plan. Specialty care requires a referral from your primary care dentist.

How to find a DHMO Dentist near you:


    1. Click here for the Delta Dental provider search.
    2. You can either enter an address to locate a DHMO dentist (search by city/state or zip code), or search for a specific dentist or dental practice by name and zip code.
    3. The results will automatically display by proximity (within 10 miles from city or zip code). If you want to change the distance, update your search by entering a new mile radius, then select "update".
    4. Use the "narrow search" function and select the DeltaCare DHMO network. The facility ID code for the dental facility can be found under the practice name and address.  This code must be entered into your enrollment form.

Please note: the DHMO network has very limited selection in Sangamon County.  

DeltaCare DHMO Plan Cost


  Annual Premium
Employee $255.65
Family $599.13