We are pleased to offer membership the opportunity to enroll in the Sangamon County Medical Society dental and vision insurance plans. These exclusive plans feature highly competitive pricing and are offered through Delta Dental of Illinois, the largest dental benefits provider in the country.  Society members and thier families now have access to comprehensive dental and vision insurance plans that are both affordable and easy to use.

The initial plan year began on December 1st, 2016.  We are being offered the opportunity to enroll in these programs during a special enrollment period that runs from March 1st through April 31st, 2017.  If you enroll during the special enrollment period, any dental or vision expenses you have incurred on or after December 1st, 2016 may be submitted as a claim to Delta Dental for reimbursement.

If you choose not to enroll during this special enrollment period, you will not be eligible for the program until the next open enrollment period.  The only exception would be if a member has a qualifying life event, such as; marriage, birth, adoption of a child, loss of other coverage or divorce.  If you have a qualifying life event outside of the open enrollment period, please contact our customer service team at (877) 247-8817.

Effective Date

Special Enrollment Period

Enrollment Support

Benefit Partners Group is pleased to offer dedicated customer service representatives to assist with any questions or concerns you may encounter during the enrollment process.  You can reach toll-free live support between 9am and 5pm at (877) 247-8817.

Already Enrolled?

If you are already enrolled, and have questions about claims or benefit related information, you should contact the Delta Dental customer service team at 800-323-1743, or email at

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